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Patriot Week begins on 9/11 and ends on 9/17 (the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution (Constitution Day)) and renews America’s spirit by celebrating the First Principles, Founding Fathers and other Patriots, vital documents and speeches, and flags that make America the greatest nation in world history. Many of current holidays have become overly commercialized or have lost their deeper meaning. We need to invigorate our appreciation and understanding of America’s spirit. This blog is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Patriot Week - and America - alive all year long.....

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today marks George Washington's birthday.  His remarkable life is so deeply rich, that choosing a singular accomplishment or characteristic to remark upon is a nearly impossible task.  However, one trait quite overlooked was his deep humility.  Although he earnestly desired to help his fellow countrymen, he often doubted his abilities to do so.  For example, when chosen to lead the Continental Army, he professed deep reluctance:

I am now Imbarked on a tempestuous ocean, from whence perhaps no friendly harbor is to be found. I have been called upon by the unanimous voice of the Colonies to the command of the Continental Army. It is an honor I by no means aspired to. It is an honor I wished to avoid, as well as from an unwillingness to quit the peaceful enjoyment of my Family, as from a thorough conviction of my own Incapacity & want of experience in the conduct of so momentous a concern; but the partiallity of the Congress, added to some political motives, left me without a choice. May God grant, therefore, that my acceptance of it, may be attended with some good to the common cause, & without injury (from want of knowledge) to my own reputation. I can answer but for three things: a firm belief of the justice of our cause, close attention in the prosecution of it, and the strictest Integrity. If these cannot supply the place of ability & Experience, the cause will suffer, & more than probable my character along with it, as reputation derives its principal support from success. [Letter to Colonel Bassett, June 19, 1775]
Of course, he proved his own doubts wrong, and by doing so, he won American independence and established a free country - a beacon of hope - for the world.  We would do well to emulate his humility and earnest desire to lay it all on the line for liberty.

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