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Patriot Week begins on 9/11 and ends on 9/17 (the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution (Constitution Day)) and renews America’s spirit by celebrating the First Principles, Founding Fathers and other Patriots, vital documents and speeches, and flags that make America the greatest nation in world history. Many of current holidays have become overly commercialized or have lost their deeper meaning. We need to invigorate our appreciation and understanding of America’s spirit. This blog is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Patriot Week - and America - alive all year long.....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knowledge & Integrity - The Keys to Liberty

"The preservation of liberty depends upon the intellectual and moral character of the people. As long as knowledge and virtue are diffused generally among the body of a nation, it is impossible they should be enslaved. . . ." John Adams

 As Adams reflected, as a free people, our liberty depends entirely on our people to self-govern.  And to self-govern, we need to understand our Constitution and act with integrity.  Unfortunately, as our institutions have broken down, so has our ability to self-govern and protect our liberty.  Our educational system fails large swaths of our people, large portions of our finance, business, and religious systems are compromised or corrupt, and our political system is dysfunctional.  This bodes very poorly for our liberty.

We need to counter these influences by focusing again on First Things First - our Founding First Principles (the rule of law, unalienable rights, equality, the Social Compact, limited government, and the right to alter or abolish an oppressive government), and acting with integrity.  That is our strength and our salvation.  

Because our institutions are so ill, the people need to make this happen.  That's why grassroots efforts like Patriot Week are so important.  Join us.

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