Renewing the American Spirit

Patriot Week begins on 9/11 and ends on 9/17 (the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution (Constitution Day)) and renews America’s spirit by celebrating the First Principles, Founding Fathers and other Patriots, vital documents and speeches, and flags that make America the greatest nation in world history. Many of current holidays have become overly commercialized or have lost their deeper meaning. We need to invigorate our appreciation and understanding of America’s spirit. This blog is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Patriot Week - and America - alive all year long.....

Monday, December 19, 2011

History, the Key to Freedom

"A study of the history of opinion is a necessary preliminary to the emancipation of the mind." John Maynard Keynes.

Although Keynes was an economist, his observation that the study of history - of opinion and otherwise - is  the key to freedom was dead-on.  When people blithely accept what is, and do not understand the past, they are likely to be trapped in a mentality of complacency.  Understanding the past - as well as current events - is indispensable to ensuring liberty today and in the future.

That is why Patriot Week is so important - it enables us to understand the foundation of our liberty, and how to preserve today and the in future.  See also America's Survival Guide for more insights.

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